We deliver
Smiles & Happiness.


Almost all of our products come with free delivery.

In GreenPen, you will find the best services and products. We at GreenPen do our best to ensure the customer receives the best service and has a wonderful shopping experience. The best price, as well as an affordable price range, will let you get anything you want. To the best of our ability, we aim to deliver the products to customers as quickly as possible. Having one of the best customer service teams, we offer services in all the languages, so you won't need to hesitate to ask us anything. One of the quickest responding team are at your service. With GreenPen, you can shop easier and more conveniently, because we focus on delivering happiness to our customers.

How Long Does It Take For The Products To Reach The Customer?

The answer depends solely on the product ordered. We usually deliver the product to the customer within two to three business days. However, if the products need to take a longer tendency, it may take up to a week to complete. Customer care is our top priority, so we provide the best service we can.

Do You Accept Bank Payments?

Greenpen is in the working stage, we have yet to come up with the bank payment acceptance, as for now we only do CoD (Cash on delivery) services but soon we will come up with the bank payments.

Do All The Products Have Free Shipping Services?

No, unfortunately. There are some products that require a shipping fee, but 90% of our products are free-shipped. However, the shipping fee wouldn't be that high as we are trying to provide the best services for the shoppers at GreenPen.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Due to the fact that GreenPen is still in its infancy, we are not shipping the products internationally yet. At the moment, we are focusing on Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) as our main market. In addition, we do not deliver the products within the kingdom because this is a start-up based in Jeddah.